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What Is Equitable Life Insurance?

Equitable Life Insurance has been providing Canadians with insurance and financial services for over 140 years. They offer life insurance, health insurance, savings and retirement solutions to over 3 million customers across Canada.

Equitable Life Insurance: What they offer

Equitable Life Insurance offers a range of insurance products to meet your needs:

  • Term life insurance which provides coverage for a set period of time. This is a more affordable option if you need coverage for a specific time period like the length of a mortgage or while your children are young.

  • Permanent life insurance like whole life insurance which provides lifelong coverage as long as you pay the premiums. This type of insurance also builds cash value over time that you can borrow against.

  • Accidental death insurance which provides a benefit for your loved ones in the event of accidental death.

  • Critical illness insurance which pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness like cancer, stroke or heart attack. This can help with treatment costs and loss of income.

  • Disability insurance which provides income replacement if you become unable to work due to illness or injury.

  • Health insurance including travel insurance, dental, vision, prescription drugs, hospital and home care.

  • Annuities and segregated fund policies for retirement savings and income.


Why You May Need to Contact Equitable Life Insurance

Below are some of the necessary things that will warrant you to need to contact Equitable Life insurance

1. Billing or Payment Issues

If you have questions about your bill, payment options or methods, or need to update your payment information, you’ll want to contact Equitable Life Insurance’s customer service department. They can help explain charges, set up automatic payments, update credit card info and more.

2. Policy Changes

Life insurance policies often need adjustments over time. You may need to increase or decrease coverage, add or remove beneficiaries, or make other changes to your policy. Contacting Equitable Life Insurance is the best way to officially request and complete any policy changes.

3. Filing a Claim

In the unfortunate event that you need to file a life insurance claim, Equitable Life Insurance’s claims department will help guide you through the necessary steps. Have information about your policy, the insured individual, and details regarding the claim event ready when you call.

4. General Questions

You may just have some general questions about your life insurance policy, coverage options, or want clarification on policy details. Equitable Life Insurance’s customer service team is there to provide answers and information to help you better understand your policy and coverage.

How to Find the Equitable Life Insurance Phone Number

Here are some of the ways to contact Equitable Life Insurance Phone Number

1. Check Equitable’s Official Website

The easiest way is to visit Equitable’s website and look for the “Contact Us” link. There you’ll find their toll-free customer service phone number.

2. Call During Business Hours

For you to get that quick response that you need at anytime contact them during their working hours which is usually from Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. You may not b attended to at your first call, so it’s advised you call back after some few hours.

3. Have Your Policy Details Handy

Before you out a call through, endeavor to make sure you have your life policy insurance number and complaint so that the can attend to you immediately.

4. Additional Contact Options

If you prefer to contact them in other ways, Equitable also offers:

  • Email: You can email Equitable’s customer service department through their website. Response times will vary but you can typically expect a reply within 1-2 business days.

  • Live Chat: For quick questions, use Equitable’s live chat feature on their website. Chat hours may be more limited but it’s a convenient way to get answers without having to call.

  • Mail: You can write to Equitable Life Insurance Company at P.O. Box 1547, Waterloo, ON N2J 4C2. Be sure to include details about your policy in your correspondence.

  • Social Media: Equitable also has profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. However, for account-specific questions, calling or emailing is recommended over contacting them through social media.


What to Expect When You Call the Equitable Life Insurance Phone Number

When you call the Equitable Life Insurance phone number, here’s what you can expect:

1. Friendly and Helpful Service

The customer service representative at Equitable Life Insurance are very friendly, helpful and always ready and willing to attend to their customers in a polite manner.

2. Options for Automated or Live Service

When you call them on phone, their automated machine is always there to answer you. And their services is available 24/7 every working day. You will also be in a live session with one of their representative by doing so, you can ask whatever question you have and you will be attended to immediately.

3. Information about Your Policy and Account

The Equitable Life Insurance phone service provides access to details about your specific life insurance policy or investment account. You can check on things like:

  • Your coverage amounts and premium payments.

  • The cash value or balance of your accounts.

  • When payments are due and payment receipt confirmation.

  • Review of your beneficiaries and policy riders.

  • Returns on your investments and interest earned.

4. Make Payments or Changes

With the help of the phone services offered at Equitable Life Insurance, you can make some vital changes to your insurance policy and can change your account coverage, account beneficiary and whatever you want to do.

5. Resolution for Any Issues

If you have a complaint or concern about your Equitable Life Insurance policy or service, calling their toll-free number is the quickest way to get the matter resolved.


Explain your situation to the representative, who will work with you to come to a fair resolution. Equitable Life Insurance aims for high customer satisfaction, so your voice will be heard.

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