At the Ghana-Togo border, Top Ghanaian Youtuber Wode Maya’s cameras were taken for refusing to pay 2,000 CFA to get his travelling documents stamped.


Wode Maya also known as Mr Ghanababy, a prominent YouTuber from Ghana, had his cameras taken away on Friday, 27th January, 2023 after refusing to negotiate with border guards at the Ghana-Togo border.

His travel paperwork were not stamped until he paid 2,000 CFA (GHC42), according to the immigration officers.

In a video he posted on Twitter, Wode Maya said that he steadfastly refused to pay the bribe and that as a result, his cameras were taken.

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Wode Maya complained on social media that he could not comprehend the hardship he was experiencing simply for attempting to cross the border from Ghana into a neighboring nation.

He claimed that the obstacles that were set up to annoy and scare travelers should be taken down.

This is me fighting to save my camera at the Togolese border because I refused to pay a bribe of CFA 2000 in order for my passport to stamped😎

— Wode Maya (@wode_maya) January 27, 2023

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