The Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for School and Private Candidates in 2022 tentative results have been made public by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

The results of school candidates will be sent to their respective schools by the Metropolitan/Municipal/District Directors of Education, according to a statement released by WAEC on January 25.

Because they brought their phones into the test room, 73 school applicants and 7 private candidates had their complete scores thrown out.

In addition, WAEC said that 3 private applicants and 416 school candidates had their subject results canceled for bringing foreign materials into the exam room.

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The subject results for 38 school applicants have been withheld awaiting the outcome of investigations into different allegations of wrongdoing.

The Council added that 11 school candidates’ whole results had been suspended awaiting investigations.

The scripts of candidates from 40 schools in several topics are now being reviewed. According to the findings of the investigations, the results of candidates whose names have been suppressed may be canceled or disclosed,” the statement said.

The BECE school test had a total of 552,288 applicants, 276,999 of them were male and 275,289 of whom were female. There are also 427 applicants with hearing impairment, 65 candidates with vision impairment, and 54 candidates who require additional test accommodations.

4,309 individuals out of the total applicants who registered for the test were not present.

There were 1,144 total applicants for the BECE private candidates. 503 women and 641 men made up this number. 84 applicants out of the total who registered to take the exam were not present.

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