Top Loan companies in Ghana you never knew



1. Fido Loans

Users of the mobile application Fido money lending can obtain quick loans. You won’t need to visit a bank to withdraw money because grants are paid directly to your mobile money wallet when you want them. Also, no collateral proof will be required in order for you to access the Fido grant.

Upon registering, you must, however, present identification (Ghana Card), proof of residency, and proof of work. Then, before disbursing the funds, Fido will decide whether you are eligible for the amount you asked.

2. PayLater (Carbon) 

PayLater brings together Accra-based private money lenders with the goal of offering Ghanaians smart cash grants via a mobile application. Following application submission, funds are immediately deposited into your mobile wallet when the loan is approved.
You must first establish an account on the app by providing the necessary details in order to begin the process. After that, you apply for a grant, and in less than five minutes once it is approved, you receive the money. First-time borrowers receive a loan for 5 Ghana cedis at a 5% interest rate.

3. Zidisha 

Lenders and businesses come together in this microlending community. A Zidisha app, an ID, and recommendations from friends or family are need to apply for a grant. Entrepreneurs must post their loan application and justification for accepting the funding.
Loans might be as small as $1 or as much as the requested amount. No interest is charged on these handouts, but a service charge equal to 5% of the loan amount and a membership fee of 40 Ghana Cedis are taken out.


It operates by forming alliances with other fintech companies to obtain small company loans. You can apply for a credit of up to 10,000 Ghana Cedis by using the OZE business app. The current interest rate is 3% per month.
You can spread out the repayment of your credit into a year’s worth of installments. Being an OZE user who has been active for longer than a month establishes eligibility. Applications are first evaluated by OZE coaches, and then processing is completed.

5. Pezesha

A website called Pezesha offers subsidies for small businesses of up to 6,000 Ghana Cedis. They include working capital financing, inventory financing, asset financing, and LPO financing. Nevertheless, you must first submit an online application form with your identity information.
It only takes two minutes to complete the loan application. Credit payback terms range from three to twelve months, and they are adjustable.

6. LendingPapa

Another rapid online loan application in Ghana is LendingPapa. Download the LendingPapa app from the ITunes to gain access to credit up to 1,000 Ghana Cedis.

You must create an account in order to access credit with LendingPapa, thus simply having the app is not enough. You can verify your identity and submit your application through the account.

7. KiaKia app

It is one of Ghana’s most current mobile lending/loan applications. One of the quickest loan application processes, it may let you know your status in a matter of minutes. As an added bonus, KiaKia offers quick-repaying short-term loans.

8. FairMoney app

For urgent credit to cover personal finances, car repair, medical expenses, or any other emergency, turn to the FairMoney Loan App. The Nigerian company operates in Ghana and provides no-cost bank transfers.

9. CashGhana Limited

One of the greatest loan apps in Ghana, particularly for those who are employed. Employed individuals in the private and public sectors can receive a salary advance from CashGhana Ltd. You are not obliged to have any collateral in order to obtain the short-term credit.
You only need to present a legitimate national ID and a letter from your employer’s accounts office, thus the criteria are lax. Money is transferred to your account soon once your application has been submitted.

10. Direct Loan

Direct Loan service is strictly for National Service Personnels being it Nursing or Teaching or any Service Personnel in Ghana.
The requirement is your national service number and your Ghana card
Dial *396*1# to start with the loan application

11. MTN QwikLoan

MTN’s collaboration with AFB Ghana, users can get online loans. You need to have used your wallet for transactions for more than 90 days in order to be eligible for a credit. You can get quick loans of up to 1,000 Ghana Cedis if you meet all the prerequisites.
The interest rate is 6.9%, and the only requirement is regular use of MTN mobile money. To obtain future loans, previous credit must be paid off in a timely manner.
Dial *170# to start the loan process

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