BREAKING NEWS | This is why Kumasi Kejetia Market is trending

fire outbreak

The market is reportedly on fire, according to a report from Kumasi Kejetia.

This occurred today in the early afternoon.

The cause of the fire outbreak is unknown for now.

Ghana National Fire Service are trying their possible best at the moment to quench the fire

Breaking: Kumasi Kejetia market is on fire

According to a ‘Sikasel’ reporter from the scene, “this just happened inside the Kumasi kejetia market”



Sad news in Kumasi Kejetia 😭😭😭😭. People trapped in the inferno

— Sir Alby (@KwakwaWrites) March 15, 2023


Kumasi Kejetia New Market in fire 🔥🔥🔥

— Muka (@nuhu_mukadas) March 15, 2023


— KALYJAY (@gyaigyimii) March 15, 2023

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