Police have arrested vital suspects in the death of the Ashaiman soldier, Imoro Sherrif



The letter states, “The Police have detained the primary suspects in the murder of Imoro Sherrif, the soldier who was found dead at Taifa Ashaiman on March 4, 2023, after a week of relentless intelligence-led investigation.

The assassination of a young soldier in Ashaiman about a week ago caused unrest all over the nation.His passing stirred up strong feelings and infuriated the military, which is why, early on March 7, several military personnel invaded Ashaiman and brutalized some locals while looking for his killers.

During the military incursion, some locals were detained and questioned.Since then, many people have criticized the military’s action and called it inhumane.

Whether we are parliamentarians or security forces, we cannot impose our own laws.The military’s action has also been denounced by Amnesty International Ghana.

“Amnesty International Ghana condemns the violence used by the military against people and opposes all types of violence and violations of human rights. The military must take a back seat so that the Ghana Police Service can fully investigate the regrettable death of the soldier.

The Ghana Armed Forces, however, claim that the operation was not carried out in retaliation but rather as part of a manhunt for some criminals.”The military operation, which the Military High Command approved, was NOT to avenge the soldier’s death but rather to fish out the perpetrators .

According to them, the “swoop” resulted in the arrest of roughly 184 individuals, ranging in age from 21 to 47. They have now turned the suspects over to the military police, who will then submit them to the Ghana Police Service for screening and future action.

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