Potential Risks in the Pull Out method during s3x ( Coitus interruptus )

Pulling the p3nis from the v*gina before to ejaculating is known as the withdrawal or pull-out procedure during s3x.

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 It is not a form of contraception according to science. It is founded on “random chance.” So, it can succeed sometimes and fail other times, and there is no way to forecast with certainty the result of quitting and the likelihood of conception.

Pulling out may seem simple, but there are risks involved, and there are also some drawbacks. This is how:

How does the pull-out method fail?

The pull-out approach leaves a lot of space for mistakes.

⚫️ Getting the timing wrong

It might be challenging to predict the precise moment that ejaculation will occur. Ejaculation often occurs just before orgasm, at the height of s3xual pleasure, however, this is not always the case. It might be difficult to activate the rational portion of the brain that tells you to stop when the fun is at its peak.

⚫️ Sperm can be found in Pre ejaculation fluid

If your spouse leaves on time, sperm might still enter your body. Your partner exhales a fluid called pre-ejaculate, which may include sperm, before ejaculation. While there is less sperm in this fluid than in semen, sperm may still be present. If sperm-containing pre-ejaculate enters your body and becomes pregnant, you might get pregnant.

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⚠️ Disadvantages of the pull-out method ⚠️

⚫️ Stressful s3x

Even if your spouse does their best to leave in a timely manner, mistakes might still happen. Compared to utilizing more effective birth control techniques, the impulse to withdraw can make s3x more stressful and risky.

⚫️ Risk of contracting STIs

Contrary to condoms, the pull-out technique provides no protection against STIs including trichomoniasis, chlamydia, and gonorrhea which are spread through bodily fluids.

 ⚫️ It is not regarded as the most effective method of birth control.

Finding emergency contraception is necessary if you think that sperm may have entered your v*gina. It might be less stressful in the long run to utilize an effective method of birth control up front rather than having to locate emergency contraception in the event of an emergency.

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