Mohammed Hardi Tufeirua a Member of Parliament hurt with severe forehead injuries after involving in an accident – Ayariga

Car Accident


The MP was rushed to Parliament despite having a serious cut on their forehead in order to take part in the bill-passing voting proceedings.

Just behind Parliament, next to the Ghana Institute of Journalism, the accident took place. He arrived at Parliament quickly to obtain the vote.

I don’t know what happened, but he was involved in the collision when he reached that turn. He was transported to Parliament in an ambulance before being taken by car to the hospital said by Ayariga

Alhaji Mohammed Hardi Tufeirua
Alhaji Mohammed Hardi Tufeirua

“I haven’t heard anything about him yet, but one of our fellow MPs, a doctor, escorted him to the hospital—I think it was SSNIT Hospital—and then returned. On his forehead, there was a cut. he continued, Ayariga

Alhaji Mohammed Hardi Tufeirua, a member of parliament for Nanton and the deputy minister of food and agriculture, was in an accident on his way to Parliament to take part in the proceedings.

He was brought to the hospital for treatment after voting on the legislation.


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