12-year-old boy with no experience paddled canoe that drowned 9 students – Weija-Gbawe


12 year old boy

It is becoming clear that a 12-year-old boy with no prior expertise was paddling the canoe that capsized and drowned nine kids on Wednesday, May 10 near Faana.

Patrick K.B. Kumor, the chief executive of the Weija-Gbawe Municipal Assembly, revealed this.

He said to Citi FM in Accra that the 12-year-old boy assumed the place of the canoe’s driver, who was ill and unable to transport the kids across the water body, and overloaded the canoe with other kids, leading to the terrible incident. A responsible person with experience should have known that the Densu River reaches the sea at that portion of the river, where the tragedy occurred, and that the current was strong in the evening. 

According to Citinewsroom.com, he said that the Municipal Assembly was first made aware that the juvenile had been given control of the canoe at the tragic moment when students drowned while returning from school in another village across the estuary of the Weija dam.

β€œThe information we picked is that the boat was overloaded with minors and the person who was paddling it was a twelve-year-old boy who had no experience and was the one controlling the canoe at the time of the incident. The person who often does that was ill and was not available at the moment to assist them,” the news website quotes Kumor as having said.

He announced the formation of a committee to address the needs of the Faana community long-term.

β€œOn Friday, a team from the NADMO head office, the regional minister, the two assemblies, and some opinions leaders will be visiting the families, then after, a committee will be put in place to ascertain the lasting solution that needs to be provided for that area and I believe that whatever will be agreed on will be something that will be beneficial to the people of that community.”

Many people have lost their lives to similar incidents in the country. Recently eight people drowned at Azizanya in the Ada estuary.

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