Police in Akatsi retrieves bones and skull suspected to be that of missing motor rider


The Akatsi South Police Command has found what are thought to be the remains of Louis Agbogli, a 28-year-old motorcyclist who vanished on April 21 of this year.

Louis Agbogli, an Atidzive native who lives in Akatsi in the Akatsi South Municipality of the Volta Region, is said to have vanished after being sighted on Friday, April 21, taking a female passenger from Akatsi to the Kpetoe area.

According to Chief Superintendent Isaac Baah, the Akatsi South Municipal Police Commander, Mr. Lumor Agbogli, the deceased man’s father, reported his son’s abduction to the police on Thursday, April 27. He was briefed about the occurrence by the GNA.

According to Mr. Baah, the suspect, Regina Dagba, an 18-year-old woman from the hamlet of Asafotsi-Dagbakope in Akatsi South, requested the services of a motor rider on Thursday, April 20, reportedly to pick her up and take her to Adetsewui, where she was to meet her lover.

According to him, the fee for the suspect’s transportation was too expensive for her at the time to afford, so “the deceased willingly added Ghc 3.00 to help aid her departure to the village.”

After obtaining the deceased’s contact information, the suspect, according to Mr. Baah, called him the next day to express his gratitude for his help and request that he pick her up and take her to Kpetoe, which he did “even though his colleagues riders discouraged him from offering that service.”

“Upon arriving in Kpetoe, the suspect pleaded with the deceased to take her to a village called Nyatsive, where the deceased had since absconded, prompting fear and panic among his family and friends,” he said.

Furthermore, according to Mr. Baah, the suspect and Etse Datsomor, the victim’s 20-year-old boyfriend from Adetsewui, were apprehended on May 15 after being lured from their hiding place in Nyatsive, Republic of Togo, and confessed to killing the victim during questioning.

He claimed that when a court order was acquired, Etse led a team of both Ghanaian and Togolese police officers to a gravel pit site in the vicinity of their Togolese counterpart. 

“The body had decomposed, leaving behind only the bones and skull,” the suspect told the police after pointing out the sight to them.

According to police sources, the suspect also directed the police team to a thicket close by where the deceased’s motorbike was hidden after he was reportedly killed.

Mr. Baah stated that while preparations were being made to send the bones to Accra for forensic laboratory analysis, the suspects would make a second court appearance on Friday, June 2.

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