Polytechnic student commits suicide after losing his and roommate’s fees to betting


A Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro (FPI) student killed himself after spending his and his roommate’s tuition money to gamble online and losing.

Samuel Adegoke, a National Diploma II student in Electrical Electronic Engineering, reportedly ingested a chemical substance on Monday while his classmates were getting ready for the first-semester exam, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

According to reports, the deceased lost his friend’s and his own tuition on online betting on Friday, despite the school’s warning that no student would be permitted to take the exam without registering.

The student allegedly arrived at the exam on May 22 just a few minutes early to avoid embarrassment.

The Public Relations Officer of the school, Sola Abiala confirmed the development, saying: “It was detected at the specialist hospital that the late student drank snipper.

“His father told the school that his son had used his school fees to gamble last session but, he had to rescue him by making another payment.”

Abiala added that the deceased who is notorious for gambling with his school fees did not leave any suicide note behind.

“We have a policy here that any student that does not pay school fees will not write exam.

“We sent for his parents and briefed them. His father told us that his late son did the same thing last session and he had to send money to him to pay the fees.

“He said if he had known about the latest one, he would have paid for it.

“But when we asked the father to take possession of the corpse, he rejected it and said he could not take his son’s corpse back home.

“He asked us to bury him. The school paid part of the burial expenses, and had to pay the fee for the other student whose fee was used to gamble to avoid another calamity. We didn’t want him to also commit suicide.

“We were surprised that he did not leave any suicide note behind. We did not see any note. We went to his house and checked for a note, but there was no note other than the bottle of the snipper he drank.”

“He realised that he and his friend would not write the exam, that was why he committed suicide.

Many young people view gambling as a quick source of cash, and they occasionally take significant risks in the hopes of increasing their winnings. Some of them experience depression and consider suicide when they lose.

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