Sweden officially declares s3x as sport, to organise European Sex Championship


Sweden has formally recognized s3x as a sport and will stage its first-ever s3x tournament the following week. The contestants in the s3x tournament will have daily s3xual encounters that can last up to six hours. A panel of judges will select the winners of the s3x competition, and the audience will also weigh in on the choices.

The European S3x Championship will begin on June 8 and last for six weeks. Participants will engage in s3xual activity daily for 45 to one hour depending on the length of their bouts.

According to the article, the audience will watch the s3x competitions and will take note of various features of the s3xual activity. 

The couple’s chemistry, their understanding of s3x, their level of endurance, etc. will all be taken into account when deciding who will win in the end.

Notably, the Sanskrit text “Kamasutra,” which deals with s3x and s3xuality, will also be taken into consideration while making decisions, and the participants will receive points based on their understanding of it.

Additionally, the competition has inspired individuals of various s3xual orientations and reaffirms its appreciation for diversity. The s3x competition’s organizers think that the participants’ s3xual orientation can significantly affect the tournament and the results of the matches.

The s3x competition’s organizers expressed their excitement for the event and noted that it would be a first for European nations to incorporate s3xual orientation into sporting strategies.

The introduction of s3x competition has elicited a range of responses from users on social media. Some people appreciate the decision to abolish s3x-related inhibitions, while others have expressed skepticism.

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