The depressing state of the Ghanaian nursing industry, as the majority are looking for greener pastures abroad.


It is distressing to see the number of Ghanaian nurses migrating in recent years. The majority of nurses think that improvements to their lives and the lives of their families are not warranted by the current state of the nation. 

A growing number of junior nurses and nursing students are of the opinion that traveling overseas is the best way to improve their lives, which could make the problem worse in the future.

The head of nursing at Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Gifty Aryee, spoke with the BBC on the health of the Ghanaian nursing business, according to a news update by UTV Ghana.

She told BBC that in the previous six months, her intensive care unit had lost twenty (20) nurses to the UK and US.
The Regional Head stated that “treatment is impacted because we are unable to accept any additional patients. Patients die as a result of delays and increased mortality expenses. 
She claims that due to a lack of nurses, individuals with severe infirmities are frequently kept in the emergency room, which is a big problem. 
What’s more shocking is learning that some people who aren’t nurses even tend to agree with the viewpoint expressed by our members of the nursing fraternity.

On his reply to the UTV Ghana post, Manuel Nii Dromo stated, “Yes they have to..people are just working hard in the wrong country and in the wrong organizations or industries.” Felix Ntim added, “I pray everything works out for my good…we are leaving this country in less than 6 months. We are laboring arduously in the wrong place.

Nana Akwesi Owusu, who did leave a comment on the UTV Ghana article, urged the government to recognize the value of nurses’ services by improving their pay and working conditions; otherwise, more people will quit soon.

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