Korle Bu Teaching Hospital performs first kidney transplant on 2 patients

 At the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH), two patients underwent kidney transplants; they are now recovering. It is the first time the extremely delicate surgery has been performed at Ghana’s top hospital.

A group of specialists from Ghana, including doctors, nurses, and anesthetists, performed the procedures on the two male patients on July 4 and 5, 2023, among other dates.

A theatre technician and a transplant surgeon were available to the team as confidence boosters.

The female kidney donors who helped the patients are claimed to be in good health and have already been let free.

He also revealed that a committee comprised of surgeons, lawyers, and other experts had been formed to set regulations to ensure that the hospital did not become embroiled in any legal disputes while trying to save the lives of patients with kidney-related ailments.

Prof. Mensah stated that the committee would make sure, among other things, that kidney donors received appropriate counseling and information.

The pricey surgeries, which are each expected to cost $21,000, were funded by the First Sky Group, a privately held Ghanaian business. Next month, KBTH is anticipated to perform three further kidney transplants, which will also be funded by the same charitable organization.

Since many patients previously had to go to South Africa or India for such expensive treatments that cost over $250,000, the KBTH’s ground-breaking achievement will tremendously help patients.

Professor Mathew Kyei, a urologist at KBTH, informed journalists that although six patients were scheduled for surgery, only three will actually be carried out the next month because the institution could only execute three surgeries per month.

Approximately 1,000 people are currently receiving dialysis at various hospitals across the country, and the First Sky Group is responsible for paying for 250 patients’ three weekly visits to the KBTH for dialysis.

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