Woman almost lost her finger after wearing wedding ring bought from her friend


Faustina, a local of Kasoa in the Central Region, nearly lost her finger after donning a wedding ring she bought from a friend.

All attempts, including the employment of various tools in an effort to liberate her finger from the grasp of the unusual ring, proved fruitless as her finger grew swelled and expanded to the full hand.

The married woman had lost the wedding ring her spouse had put on her finger, according to a report by UTV. She had a funeral to attend, though, and knew that known faces, including prominent church members, would be there. As a result, she made the decision to purchase another ring rather than risk raising too many questions and arousing suspicions.

 She agreed to buy one from Faustina’s friend, who is rumored to deal in the sale of wedding supplies. After wearing the ring for a day, she was unable to take it off, and it continued to bite into her skin. She was taken to a health center after all attempts to help her failed, but neither the medical staff nor a mortuary attendant who was eventually called could assist. Before using a plier to remove the strange ring from Faustina’s finger, a pastor was invited to offer prayers over the swollen hand.

The nurses have dressed the painful wound on her hand and asked her to come in every day for proper care in order to prevent any infection at all.

Faustina’s acquaintance, who sold her the’magical’ ring, mysteriously vanished into thin air, according to the UTV reporter, and all efforts to locate her failed.

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