Cheating ends in joy as two men peacefully exchange wives

Two middle-aged men from Busia County in Western Kenya have mutually agreed to exchange their wives to settle their differences.

A picture of the exchange wives and the husbands
A picture of the Husbands and the wives

Two middle-aged men from Busia County in Western Kenya have come to a mutual agreement to exchange their wives as a means of resolving their ongoing disputes.

Josh Odour and Sakis decided to swap spouses and children after their respective wives revealed their previously secret romantic involvement. Odour initially dismissed rumors of his wife’s affair with Sakis but was taken aback when he found her at Sakis’ house engaged in household chores and revealing she had married the Boda Boda operator.

In response, Odour enticed Sakis’ wife, who had temporarily returned to her parents’ home, and convinced her to marry him. The woman agreed, and the two even reported their new unions to the police.

Odour expressed his desire to impregnate his new wife since he was accustomed to having three children in the house, whereas she only had two.

Sakis, on the other hand, seemed unfazed by the situation and was simply content with having a new spouse.

Local residents were pleased that the two men had peacefully resolved their differences, in contrast to recent love triangle disputes. They commended the men for their wise decision in settling the matter amicably.

It’s worth noting that Odour and Sakis are not the first couples from Busia County to engage in such an exchange. In August 2019, another pair of Kenyan women, Christopher Wabwire and Kevin Barasa, made headlines when they mutually swapped their husbands and reached a parenting agreement, allowing them to live with their biological children in their new marriages. This agreement was witnessed by local authorities.


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