Etienne Vaessen: Dutch goalkeeper continues recovery, say club RKC Waalwijk


Dutch Keeper Vaessen from RKC Waalwijk
Screens were put up around Etienne Vaessen while he was cared for by medical staff on the pitch

Photo credit : BBC

RKC Waalwijk has reported that their goalkeeper, Etienne Vaessen, “had a positive night and is making progress” after he lost consciousness during a match against Ajax on Saturday.

The match had to be halted in the 84th minute when the 28-year-old Dutchman collided with Ajax forward Brian Brobbey. Vaessen remained motionless on the field while receiving treatment but regained consciousness while being carried off on a stretcher.

RKC Waalwijk expressed their hope to see him back at the club soon, emphasizing the importance of allowing him to recover peacefully in the coming hours and days. They requested that everyone grant him and his family the necessary time and privacy.

In a statement on social media, RKC Waalwijk wished Etienne and his loved ones strength during this challenging time.

During the incident, players urgently called for medical assistance, and many were visibly emotional as medical staff attended to Vaessen on the field, with screens erected around him.

The Eredivisie match was ultimately abandoned with just six minutes of regular time remaining, with Ajax leading 3-2. The stadium announcer explained that several players were too emotionally affected to continue playing.

Ajax later posted on social media, saying, “This goes beyond football. We’re hoping for your recovery, Etienne.”

RKC confirmed after the game that Vaessen was taken to the hospital for further medical evaluation.

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