Dr. Likee reveals all in Delay’s Interview: “I had guns, I carried drugs to Libya, and I was imprisoned.”

 The hottest content creator in Ghana right now is Dr Likee, popularly known as Ras Nene, a Kumawood actor.

Dr Likee

Despite his achievements, the actor has admitted that he had a difficult and hazardous period in his life before arriving where he is now. On the Delay Show, the actor revealed his experience as a former truant.

Ras Nene, who gave up on education after completing JHS, claims that he began smoking when he was a little child. When explaining how he first started smoking, he claimed that when he was young, folks would send him on smoking errands.

“Never let your kids smoke in your presence or send them to get cigarettes. Sometimes, even after someone extinguishes a fire by dropping their cigarette on the ground, it remains. So I’m forced to pick it, hide behind the house, and smoke the rest of it in that situation. That’s where it all began, he claimed.

“I developed stubbornness because I was able to supplement my income by selling scraps, and smoking made matters worse.

Dr. Likee described how he developed into a truant and took over the local streets.

“In the past, I managed the roadway. I was earning much more money since I was covered by strong males. I had weapons to frighten off clients with ulterior objectives, “He narrated.

He stated, explaining how he obtained his moniker “My then-boss gave me the name Anini after a known criminal in Lagos. People mispronounced it because of this, and it eventually became known as “Ras Nene.” “.

Ras Nene talked about his early adult years “In my mid-20s, I repeatedly traveled over the Libyan desert carrying drugs. I used narcotics up until my early 30s, at which point I turned Yaro.

There existed a substance known as bond. I used to import it illegally from Togo. When they get to Ghana, we remove them from the trailer car tires’ tubes where we had hidden them. I was also dealing crack,” he admitted.

Ras Nene claims that he eventually ended up in jail, where he underwent a change of direction in his life. “I have appeared in court seven times, but I have only lost two cases. I dealt drugs up until the point where it landed me in jail multiple times, but that’s when I learned my lessons.

“Acting then came along and completely altered my life. Even though I had a smoking habit, I understood that it was inappropriate to smoke while around these well-known stars. I made the decision to stop after convincing myself that God had plans for me,” he said to Delay.



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