According to Ken Ofori-Atta, ending the domestic debt swap scheme is not an option.

 The government, he added, has the right to change some of the terms that have been provided to certain bondholders.

Mr. Ofori-Atta made the commitment when speaking on a future episode of PM Express Business Edition that his organization would address some of the worries of certain bondholders and pensioners.

He said to George Wiafe that “we have a situation where our debt exchange is important… we have a situation where we have come out of certain formulations and we have gone ahead to discuss or the financial institutions that means to mitigate that.” I believe we were effective in doing that.

“We sat with the Union pensions in a similar manner, and I believe we are making fantastic success in what we do for them.

He used the Zero Coupon for 2023 as an illustration. The Minister believes that “that has to change.”

In order to forward with its plans to rebuild the crisis-hit economy, Mr. Ofori-Atta stated that the government is aiming for an 80 percent participation rate in the program.

It is a volunteer initiative, and an 80 percent participation rate is expected; therefore, everyone should be aware of that fact, according to Mr. Ofori-Atta.

He added that after the initiative was finished, the wellbeing of Ghanaians will be taken into account.

Ken Ofori Atta

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