NSS woman accuses First Atlantic Bank senior manager of breaching their ‘obligations’ in a relationship

 First Atlantic Bank manager Ernest Kwasi Nimako is being sued by a former member of the bank’s National Service unit after the latter reportedly broke promises made during their claimed personal connection.

First Atlantic Bank, First in Everything……….

Kwasi Nimako (First Atlantic Bank Top Manager)


Deborah Seyram Adablah sued Mr. Kwasi Nimako, a director of finance, and he is scheduled to appear before Friday, January 27.

The First Atlantic Bank has joined the lawsuit as well.

The plaintiff, whose national service time ended in July 2021, admits to being in a relationship with the married Ernest Kwasi Nimako after being told that her job security would be in jeopardy if she didn’t give in to the relationship, according to the writ of summons seen.

Debora Seyram 

She adds that the manager’s promise to make her life comfortable by paying her rent, providing money for her business, getting her a new car, and even divorcing his real wife for her, among other things, caused her to decline the chance to work as a permanent employee after completing her National Service.


However, it was noted in the writ that the manager worked well to fulfill a portion of his duties up until their relationship became tense.

She is now requesting that the other pledges be kept, including changing ownership of the automobile he bought for her as part of the promises and paying the remaining two years’ rent.

The First Atlantic Bank, which was joined in the suit, has been accused of allowing senior officers to enter into relationships with unwilling subordinates while using the females as baits to win customers for the company.


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