The President of the Nation, H.E Akufo-Addo will give the State of the Nation address today.


A picture of Akuffo Addo

State of the Nations Address

It is expected that the speech will discuss the economy and the suggested solutions to the problems. 

At the beginning of each session and just before the legislature is dissolved, the President is required under Article 67 to address the legislature with a statement on the state of the nation. 

The President is anticipated to provide updates on events around the entire nation.

. Ghanaians were encouraged to express gratitude in President Akufo-speech Addo’s during the 66th anniversary of Independence Day. 

He thinks that despite all the difficulties the nation is facing, the administration has secured the supply of essential goods to stop the situation from getting worse. 

In the midst of worsening hardship, rising living expenses, and a depreciating cedi, Ghana is currently requesting a bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for an economic recovery.

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