This is why King Nasir and Shugatiti are trending


A picture of King Nasir and Shugatiti
King Nasir and Shugatiti

In response to Shugatiti’s admission that she has never had an orgasm despite having a strong libido, American adult actor King Nasir offered to help the Ghanaian actress have an orgasm.

He tweeted, “I can help her have an orgasm,” after doing so.

I can help her have an orgasm.

— King Nasir (@KingNasirXXX) March 1, 2023

But, Shugatiti replied him, advising him to back off if he doesn’t want to pass away too soon.


Don’t try and die oo, she advised him on Twitter.

Don’t try and die oooo

— shugatiti (@shugatiti1) March 1, 2023

 But, King Nasir also replied to Shugatti’s tweet by announcing that he was the monarch of several rounds. He doesn’t only perform one round.

He wrote; ‘I can go multiple rounds‘.

I can go multiple rounds.

— King Nasir (@KingNasirXXX) March 2, 2023

 He later, posted a poll asking fans about he and shugatiti who wins

Who do you think wins?

— King Nasir (@KingNasirXXX) March 2, 2023

Shugatiti replied with another tweet

Remember pornstars act according to script haaaa this is no movie @KingNasirXXX don’t do and die it’s a warning oooo

— shugatiti (@shugatiti1) March 2, 2023


That’s no problem because I get sooo wet I’m a River 😩

— shugatiti (@shugatiti1) March 2, 2023


King Nasir later tweeted these

You’re gonna get rekt, low difficulty & no prep time needed.

— King Nasir (@KingNasirXXX) March 2, 2023

This woman has limited sexual experience compared to me & she challenged ME, one of the WORLD’s best at sex.
Be fr y’all, she’s getting REKT.

— King Nasir (@KingNasirXXX) March 2, 2023

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