VIDEO | Heartbroken man kneels in front of ex-girlfriend’s office for 21 hours to beg for reunion

A picture of the man kneeling
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 A man who had been dumped refused to leave his ex-girlfriend’s house despite the efforts of police officers and bystanders to persuade him to do so after he had knelt there for 21 hours with a bunch of red roses next to him in an attempt to get her to date him once more.

Social media users reacted to a video showing the young man from China’s Sichuan province bowing in front of his ex-girlfriend’s workplace in Dazhou City. reports that the lovelorn man began to kneel at 1 p.m. on March 28 and continued till 10 a.m. on March 29. He didn’t mind suffering the rain, the chilly temperature, or the jeers of onlookers.

When others discovered he had been kneeling there for hours, they eventually gathered around him. It was not possible to persuade him to get up and go home.

“Kneeling is not essential indefinitely. According to, one of the onlookers remarked to the heartbroken man, “The girlfriend isn’t willing to show here but you are still here, losing face.

Concerned spectators tried to let him escape but were unsuccessful so they phoned the police, but that did not assist either. He urged the police to stay away from him unless his campaign broke any laws.


“Is kneeling here against the law? Please do not interfere with me if it is not prohibited.

The police left the young man to continue kneeling and attempting to attract the attention of his ex-lover after determining that there was insufficient evidence to make an arrest.

“He claimed that his girlfriend dumped him a few days earlier. One of the police officers is cited as saying to journalists, “He wants to ask for her forgiveness and he hopes she may date him again.

According to the South China Morning Post, the man eventually got up and departed on his own initiative when the alleged ex-lover failed to show there. He spent hours kneeling on the floor of the building, but it’s unclear if the lady was there. Regardless, she ignored him.

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