He followed me and begged me not to leave, but I let him know that I had already made up my mind to leave as I hastily left his house with the necessities.

nothing he could do would change the fact that it was made up.

When I finally made it to my apartment late in the evening, Anita had already fallen asleep and had shut the door. As a result, sleeping in that place was completely ruled out, so I didn’t bother knocking and instead headed to Tolu’s apartment knowing full well that no matter how anyone knocks, Anita is as good as dead when she is sleeping.

When I got to Tolu’s place, she opened the door fairly immediately when I knocked but was perplexed as to why I had been up so late at night.

With her voice buzzing like a bee, Tolu barraged me with various Jamb queries when I needed to rest but I knew she wouldn’t allow me. She continued to question me after I responded to a few of her questions, and

further inquiries. Before I started asking myself why I had come to her house in the first place, I was interrogated like an FBI agent.

I pleaded with Tolu and Biko, “Leave me to rest, I’m really tired.”

Did you obtain a job? Where are you from? Why didn’t you stay in your apartment? Were you chased out? Tolu kept inquiring, asking like a parrot whose mouth was dripping.

Is it a terrible idea to visit you and spend the night there? Please let me know if you want me to leave if I don’t want to stay. 

No, I didn’t see that, and you’re welcome to stay the night here. It’s only that you showed up without warning and it appears like you’re trying to hide something from me since I don’t believe you came from your home. With a’spit it out’ expression, Tolu answered.

Okay, I’m coming from Kaycee’s place if you really want to know. I told her, “We had s-x! “, summarizing the entire situation.

She swiftly put on a fake smile that I didn’t understand as she pretended like nothing had occurred, but I immediately observed her countenance changing, her face turning sullen, and her body weakening. Since I was aware that she and Anita did not share my feelings for Kaycee.

“You shared a bed with Kaycee? She worriedly questioned in all seriousness, “Or is that another joke?

Why would I be joking, you ask? I’m exhausted, so we can talk about this tomorrow; just now, I need to relax. Tomorrow, I’ll be traveling with a large group of other students for a 2-day medical workshop from my faculty, so I need to thoroughly rest!” I came to a conclusion, but Tolu went back to her bed because she knew I was exhausted and wouldn’t say anything else.

I looked at my phone and discovered over 25 missed calls and 10 texts of apology from Kaycee, but I ignored them as I turned off my phone and went to bed.

To claim that I slept that night would be absurd. Until daybreak, I didn’t blink a single eyelid.

As soon as Tolu went, I lost myself in my thoughts and my former relationship with Dave started to trouble me again.

Tolu pulled back the curtains on her window and said, “Stand up, crying’ head, it’s morning already, you practically didn’t sleep at all last night.” As the sun shone brightly on my eyes through the curtains, it snapped me out of my reverie and brought me back to reality. I looked up, shrugged, and put my head back on the pillow again because I didn’t want to be awakened.

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