I stood there without a clue as to what I should say to her next. She saw the food flask I brought for Kingsley as she turned to make her leave. Her face instantly turned pale, her smile gone with the wind and her soul turned moody. I saw in her eyes, pain and disappointment as she laid her eyes on the flask. She hastily went to it and opened it, but was comforted when she saw that the food wasn’t yet touched. Her pleasant mood came back on, but what she did next shocked me. She recklessly flung the flask away, throwing away the contents on the ground, while I watched as I kept silence.

After she was through, she glared at me with a stare that might drive one six feet underground. She had a look of satisfaction on her face as I watched what she had done. Something I couldn’t fathom.

With no further words, she turned and walked away. I just stood there in disbelief at what had happened.

Just then kaycee came out of the house. It was apparent Ada opened the door earlier on, but decided to check on who kaycee was chatting with at the back of the house.

Kaycee was completely speechless. He was all male confidence as he stood and observed the vegetable soup I had cooked for him and the pounded yam that had been left on the floor.

We both exchanged glances at each other for a few of seconds before kaycee raced ahead to me and did it.

He placed his lips on mine, and kissed me softly. I couldn’t find my way. I wanted to fight back. I was at a loss for words. He touched my lips with his finger as I was ready to speak, requesting that I keep silent. While I was pushing him off, he hugged me softly.

I couldn’t stop asking myself, “What just happened?”

He blew me away with his sensational, mind-blowing kiss. I had questions for him to answer, but I was too engrossed in the moment to do so.

This time, however, I didn’t fight it; instead, I simply let his lips to press against mine. As we both twisted, intertwined, and entangled the battle for supremacy in action, our tongues revealed it to be a fight. Although I could see where this was going, I couldn’t stop myself. Yes, I wanted to have s*x with him, even if I wasn’t willing to confess it. I was aware that it was more unfortunate.

While our lips were still locked together, he picked me up and carried me to his room while dropping bits of clothing here and there. We practically had nothing on when we approached his bed.

My two bare orange fruits were in his hands as he began to caress them, sending chills down my spine. Making a soft moaning noise.

I wasn’t a professional in the act, neither was i a virgin.

His pants were slowly unzipped, leaving him entirely exposed. I then grabbed hold of his d**k and gently worked it up and down in my hands. 

He responded by uttering a few “ish” and “arrh” sounds, giving me the sense that what I was doing truly pleased him.

When he couldn’t bear it any longer, he removed his lips off my bossoms, drawing me up the bed, putting me in a position that his mouth was straight facing my Honeypot.

His tonque did the magic, as it gently separated the lips of my nicely shaved p*ssy. His tongue licked the fuckin’ hell out of me and transported me to another world. In truth, it was a land of joy and wonder. Just about that time, my body began to shake violently. I exploded with my first round of orgasm,as Kaycee watched the milky juice pour out of my honeypot. When I was feeling better, Kaycee attempted to kiss me, but I was too weak to accept it. 

“F–k me, pls kaycee,i want to feel you inside” i beqqed. He quickly followed orders, as though under remote control. lolz.

He inserted his d**k inside my p*ssy and began to pound me mercilessly, while my moans and groans filled the room. We later had two rounds in the evening, so it was one hell of an intense s*x session.

We took separate showers after the s*x because my head was starting to think normally. I felt guilty for what I had just done. He was disappointed as I rushed out the door, but he tried to convince me to stay for the night. I flatly declined.

That day, while I was around, Ada didn’t appear, which genuinely surprised me. I wasn’t sure if everything had been planned.

I left his house with regrets.

Maybe now, I would know his real intentions. 

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