I just returned from a little trip home, and you’ve already started playing around with cheap sluts, ehn? Ada yelled. I and Anita were really enraged by her comment, asking, “I beg your pardon, who are you calling an s–ts?” When Anita could no longer take it anymore, she spoke up. You two should, of course, just stare at them as they chase after other people’s boyfriends. Ada kept talking rudely. Anita and I chorused our response to her, already fuming with rage, “you are the s–t.” Kingsley didn’t do anything but stand there, completely perplexed, unsure of whether to step in or not. “Ehen!?!, so you commissioned these scum to trash me abi? Ehn Kingsley, do you possess the right to congregate with these whores in order to disparage me?
I’m going to beat you so bad when we get home,” “Baby please, its not what you think, baby please calm down,” cried Kingsley,  the only things Kingsley could manage to say.  “Oya, get in that car right away before I count to three!” Ada yelled, “Please now baby, it’s not what you think,” pointing to Kingsley’s car. Ada began counting down while Kingsley begged, “1!, 2!, I’ll kill you, oh,” and Kingsley soon complied, as if being commanded by a remote.
Deep down, I wanted to start laughing hysterically at what I was seeing, but on a serious note, what had just transpired wasn’t normal at all.
Ada turned to us and said, “Sluts!!, you both dont have shame, I swear, the next time I see you around my boyfriend ehn, you wont know what hit you,” after Kingsley had cooperated with “COMMANDER ADA’s ORDER” and gotten into his car. Ada reportedly threatened Anita and I. “Is that a threat?” I muttered. “Oh, dear, its more than a threat, its a promise, and when I give a promise, I fulfill it, watch Your back!!” she arroqantly said, while she stepped back and entered Kingsley’s car, who was too terrified to even glance us. Anita and I were completely astounded and shocked as the car sped off.
The battle has only just begun.😂
Anita looked to me and asked, “Was that for real??” when the car ran out of our sight.
I was astounded by what had just occurred and could see the doubt, dread, and confusion in Kingsley’s eyes. Was he so terrified of Ada that he was unable to speak to her or defend himself, or was it more likely that he was soft-hearted toward girls?, acting as though they were being commanded by a remote.
You’re positive that girl didn’t use JUJU on that unfortunate boy, right? When I didn’t answer her initial inquiry, Anita questioned Again in Pidgin.
Anita was as shocked as I was; something was completely wrong; no amount of love could make a boy serve any girl as her slave!
I responded to the shocked Anita, “My sister, isn’t that obvious? Kingsley just acted like she was being controlled by a remote, and I was even surprised when she muttered something about beating Kingsley.
Anita asked, “Wait, I thought I was the only one who heard her say she would beat up Kingsley?, it seems this isn’t a small matter o, and I assume Kingsley has been suffering in that girl’s hand for a long time now.” “Who knows, she might have used some fetish powers on him or something,” I muttered. Sure, girl, a little investigation won’t hurt, but right now we need to attend lectures because we’re running behind schedule, Anita remarked, and we didn’t exchange any more words. For our lectures, we immediately hurried to our faculty. However, I found it difficult to focus because something seemed seriously wrong with Kingsley.
The so-called Ada was nothing more than a dry, pale-like stick; she lacked any special qualities (front she lacked, back too she lacked!) and was clearly not on the same level as Kingsley for her to have caught her attention. I was quite interested in knowing more about their relationship.
I was so lost in thought that I was unaware that the lectures for the day had ended. . 

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