I have told Tolu what had transpired earlier, completely shocking her.

We (Anita, Tolu and I) later decided to have our launch in a restaurant downtown. After finishing our meals, settling down, and about to bring up Kingsley’s problem, a man entered the restaurant through the door and walked over to our table asking, “Please who amongst you is Becky?”

I immediately felt frightened.

Yes, please! Is there a problem? Anita questioned the query

She could tell that I was reluctant to speak up.

“Not really, my name is Lucky, and I’m Kingsley’s close friend,” he replied.

After determining that he wasn’t intending any harm, I asked the courage to speak out. I’m Becky; what’s the message? I queried him.

“Kingsley said he is really sorry for embarrassing you girls and apologizes for what happened earlier in the morning. He also wants to reassure you that Ada’s threats are just empty threats and shouldn’t be taken seriously.” Lucky answered.

But why did he send you instead of him coming to apologize? I queried.

That’s the issue, he’s been locked up in his house by that witch of a qirl, Ada, so he can’t come.

β€œWHAT!!!” Temi and I, Anita, echoed one another in disbelief.

“Yes, in fact, that was after she had physically assaulted him in the morning and told him not to go outside.

I gestured for Lucky to have a seat at our table and remarked, “Wow, I can’t believe what I’m hearing.  “You mean she beats him up and he doesnt do anything about it, even to the point of locking him up in his house?” I kept going.

Although no girl had ever dared insult Kingsley before he met that girl, Lucky remarked, “I have really noticed a sudden change in Kingsley. wait o, if she has been doing all these things to Kingsley, can’t you quys as his friends tell him to break up with Ada?, isn’t it as simple as that?” Tolu stated: 

Another issue is that whenever anyone approaches Ada to discuss her relationship with Kingsley, the person immediately becomes extremely ill the following day, or something mysterious occurs, such as their home being destroyed by a mysterious fire, or they encounter something wholly unnatural.
“Are you kidding right?” With fear in her eyes, Anita questioned.
You believe that everything I just said was a joke? Lucky muttered gravely, leaving the three of us terrified.
The worst part of it all, according to Lucky, is that Kingsley behaves like a baby who can be toyed with when Ada is close by, but when she is not, Kingsley behaves like a man who has authority over himself.

I questioned Lucky, “Can’t Kingsley just end things with her?”
Even Kingsley is tired of their relationship, but as I’ve stated before, he can bring himself to tell her they need to part up. However, when she gets close to him, all his confidence and bravado vanishes, and there’s no doubt she utilizes some sort of power against him, Lucky remarked.
It’s a bigger deal than I initially thought.
Oh my! Na wa! Eiii ! Asem papa
Look, I think I’ve said enough. Ada receives funding from someone who watches over anyone connected to Kingsley. Because I have already suffered greatly at her hands, I don’t want to get too involved in this situation.
I only agreed to bring the message here since Kingsley is a childhood friend, Lucky said in a trembling voice.
I was reluctant to force him against the wall since I knew his position.
I expressed my appreciation for his gesture, gave him my phone number for Kingsley, which he took, bid us goodbye, and departed right away.
Numerous thoughts were racing through my head. Once Lucky had gone,
Nobody was willing to speak at that time, so the three of us just sat down at the table, completely silent. After what seemed like an eternity, Anita finally broke the quiet.
“Becky, I’m beginning to feel conflicted about this problem; I believe we should just leave Kingsley’s case alone because it seems Ada is acting dangerously.
Anita unexpectedly remarked, “I don’t want to get involved in this situation, I love my life, and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep it. “Those statements genuinely affected me. How could she claim that she doesn’t wish to save Kingsley from the clutches of that wicked girl?
I didn’t blame her, though; what Lucky said must have seriously soured her.
“Come on Anita, how could anything be so bad?” Let’s try to help him out,” I reasoned gently to Anita. “We don’t have anything to lose, what Lucky just said supports it even more that Kingsley has been influenced by something Ada has done against him.
Seriously Becky, I’ve already made up my mind, and furthermore, how do you want to answer that? I don’t want anything in this situation at all.
I’d like to ask that you spare me from death or an incurable illness. Anita was anxious.
I was unable to contain my disappointment. I wanted someone I could rely on to give me sound counsel. I looked to Tolu, who has been virtually silent the entire time. She at least gave me reason to be hopeful.
“Honestly, after what I just heard, I’m genuinely worried. If you’re counting on me to assist you in this situation, I can’t guarantee your success completely. But at least I would offer any assistance I can, Tolu remarked, appearing to be whispering.
But wait, Becky, I don’t understand you anymore. The last time I recall, you were slapping this guy with all of your fury inside of you, but now you’re volunteering to assist this same boy in a situation you don’t comprehend.
you shouldn’t become involved at all. Don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with him, or what’s really going on?” Anita posed a serious question.
The last time I checked, Anita was probably right; she would have been on a different planet from my thoughts if she had been considering a boy in the same manner that I had with Kingsley.
Was it actually Love or Pity, though?

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