On that fateful Monday morning as I dressed and got ready for my first lecture at the university, I realized I had never known any boundaries in my entire life. I took a few steps back and stared in the mirror, which caused me to think about my life and the person I have become. I was a very attractive damsel with physical attributes that every man coveted. I could melt even the hardest of hearts because of my beauty, which knew no bounds. I still think my attractiveness is comparable to “Delilah,” the woman who brought down the great Samson. I hurriedly put on cosmetics and headed over to my envisioned faculty of study.

Two weeks later, I had already begun making a lot of friends, including male admirers who I harbored a slight animosity for. boys This annoyed me. Because of my harshness, the majority of the lads were even hesitant to talk to me. Ugh, I hate guys. In fact, the notion of anything with a tail between its legs made me angry. Whenever I thought of the abuse I suffered at the hands of men, a chill runs down my spine. While I wanted to one day exact revenge on the transgressions committed against me by the so-called “guys,” I opted to forget but never forgive. So, my major goal is to finish reading my books without being distracted by any animals with tails!

By the way, my name is BECKY, and I graduated from secondary school four years ago with the highest score. My attractiveness may be attributed to my brilliance because I was the top graduating student at the time in my WAEC result, with what Ghanaians call A1We all know how things work in Ghana, so getting into the university definitely wasn’t a matter of brilliance, but rather of luck or connections. Every year, one of two things would go wrong: either other students would compete for my course of study or my course would alter and I would have to object…I recently turned 20 years old, so my age was no longer an advantage, but since I was still quite young, I wasn’t really in a rush to get married. I was admitted this year to my selected course of study. My euphoria was indescribable since there was no way to quantify it. I had no idea what lay in store for me in the future.

While I was enjoying my time at the university, my personal life has significantly changed. As a 100-level student, I was exposed to many characters, including the good, the bad, and the handsome. Despite the fact that I related to everyone, I still carried a burden in my chest, a scar in my heart, and hatred in my mind. This lecturer gave us a presentation to deliver, and out of all the students present, he chose this smart guy to be my opponent. My opponent spoke with authority as if he had written the textbook himself, and I paid close attention to what he said. He quoted and spoke with authority, and his speech was as fluid as Obama’s.

I couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was as well. I’m sure I saw him somewhere, maybe making out with one of those loose gals. I didn’t know anything about him. Once the nerdy handsome guy finished his presentation, the lecturer said, “Thank you, mister Kingsley.” Hmm, his name was “Kingsley,” as if I cared! The “Kingsley” or whatever he was called seemed to have taken all the credit with his charisma and “textbook quoted speech,” and I felt that what I had to say really didn’t make any sense. Besides, I’m not a girl who enjoys losing, especially when it involves books because I’m a bookworm, and I would feel so awful if I ended up losing that presentation.

When the lecturer declared Kingsley as the presentation’s winner, my suspicions came true. I felt as though something had been taken from me, I got a small transgression towards Kingsley. I had already picked up my bag and was leaving the classroom, when someone held my hand, I turned around, only see KINGSLEY…..


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