Thieves steal 200 sneakers without knowing they’re all for the left foot


picture of the sneakers

Peruvian police have pledged to apprehend three burglars who entered into a shoe store and stole 200 pairs of sneakers, each worth $13,400, without realizing they were all left-footed.

According to reports, the intriguing development occurred on Sunday, April 30, in Huancayo, a city in central Peru.

Business Insider claims that video from the store’s security camera shows the crime. At 3.30 a.m. on Sunday, it showed the burglars breaking the padlock on their third attempt and making off with cartons of shoes on a tricycle.

The robbers took sneakers from well-known international brands, but they didn’t think to check that they were picking the right and left foot while they were doing it.

According to the BBC, the local police commander Eduan Daz informed Peruvian media that all attempts were being made to apprehend the criminals.

“At the site, we obtained evidence. The peculiar aspect of this theft is that only the right foot’s shoes were taken.

We will be able to find those people using the video and the fingerprints, said Eduan Daz.

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