Tolu welcomed me with an onslaught of hugs and kisses when I showed up at the party. She seemed genuinely surprised that I had accepted her offer.

Before sitting down and drinking some Smirnoff, we both hesitated for a time. Tolu suggested that we go to the dance club as well, but I was hesitant and declined. Before I realized it, she had already been carried away by one of her many boyfriends. I found a quiet area right away and sat down while still inebriated. 
I sat down and carefully examined the party from there. I soon realized that it was a well-to-do party with all the big lads from the university coming over looking for girls to toast with or simply have a one-night stand with. Some males could be seen using weed or smoking shisha at  one corner, while others were busy throwing up due to excessive alcohol consumption. Other girls were seen stripping off at the doorstep of a rich man, dancing as though the devil was practicing azonto in their heads. In another instance, girls were observed giving their partners who were ogling other girls slaps. The event was purely enjoyable.

I didn’t even notice Kinsley approaching me and attempting to start a conversation with me because I was so engrossed in my own thoughts as I sat at my seat. He didn’t appear awful at all, and when I saw him, I just sat there in awe as he greeted me with a serene smile. Hello, Becky. How are you doing? “I’m fine,” I managed to reply with a smile on my lips, even though I wasn’t sure why. It was probably due to the amount of wine I had consumed.

He said, “I’m really surprised to see you here at this party; I didn’t know you attended parties,” but I didn’t respond, merely keeping a frozen expression on my face. He said, “Please, do you mind me buying you a drink,” with a beseeching expression.

I said in a nasty tone, “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, but just leave me alone.”
He pleaded, “Please, just a drink and nothing else.” I screamed at him, “Look just let me be okay, am tired of you stalking me everywhere I go,” but I persisted in my position. Kingsley was humiliated by the prying eyes of onlookers who were already staring at us.
He yelled, “come on, what’s really wrong with you?, am just asking that I buy you a drink only, besides, I see that you’re alone, and your rude attitude has made boys avoid you.” Right then, I gave him a hot slap, which would format your brain, render you mute, and absolutely rub your face.
How can He talk to me like that? I thought. I hurriedly located my bag and stood to go when I noticed Tolu my best friend standing in front of me. It was clear that she had seen the entire incident. She gave me a disappointed expression as she regarded me, and I hurriedly turned to go. She may have been apologizing to Kinsley when she said it, but I wasn’t paying attention because I was already heading out.
She beckoned for me to wait for her after she was finished speaking to Kingsley, but I was already a long way away. I certainly do not like to be insulted.
I could hear Tolu’s voice calling for me to wait for her in the background, but I didn’t bother to look; I kept moving. Before I realized what was happening, however, I felt a very strong hand grip my wrist. At first, I assumed it was one of my friends, but after he forced me to turn around and face him, I realized it was…….

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