I realized it was one of the smokers who were looking for a girl to toast. The boy who was holding my hand said, “Wetin dey do you sef, you deaf for ear ?.” I yelled, “You dey craze for head too?, leave my hand jare.” I asked you why you were here and what was your own. Do you mean to imply that you didn’t hear me when I called? The Huge boy screamed. I didn’t care to hear what my friend was saying, so why am I stopping to listen to this meaningless pig now? I told myself. Which business did I ask you about? Or do I owe you money? I asked him directly while conversing with him in pidgin, but it appeared that my query had truly enraged him. 

He jokingly remarked, “See this b—h they form for me o,” which caused some of his buddies who were present to begin laughing while others in the party had already begun to stare. “Na your mama be bit*ch,” I defended him. “taaaa” was the sound that greeted me as I slightly recoiled. I suddenly realized that I had been slapped in the face. I quickly changed into a roaring lion, and in my rage, I grabbed him by the collar and jerked him to his feet. Another light slap landed on my face. I was completely taken aback because I didn’t think he’d have the strength to smack me once more. I grabbed his shirt and tore it off like a savage thief.

He was dressed in an extremely delicate silk garment that was simple to easily take off. I didn’t care about the bystanders who were already watching the kid recklessly humiliate a girl without trying to step in because I was so enraged with the situation. He didn’t feel anything while I was hitting him, so I realized my soft hands weren’t just doing enough harm. I started hitting him as a butcher would while cutting meat. little female voice said, “Please, brothers, leave her alone.” Oh, I just realized Tolu was there the entire time. She had even begun to grab the boy’s underwear to get him to leave me alone. I wasn’t just the begging kind, though. I was aware that he had initially treated me badly. 

He should therefore be doing the begging, not me. However, I was also aware that, in the event that no one came to my aid, I would undoubtedly perish.

The bullying boy yelled, “See this bit*ch, ashawo like you, na me you been they form for before abi?, 2day I go treat your f–k up.”
“Kpooowa” was the third smack, which knocked me off my feet and caused me to start crying.
Oh no, I don suffer. I stumbled to the ground, as if I had just taken a punch from Bukom banku.
Quickly making his way to his waist, the bully attempted to remove his belt. I knew my body would soon begin to ache from body pains as the belt was fully swung in the air.

“Guy, are you crazy?! ” Suddenly, a man’s voice he recognized called out. He immediately went for the belt the guy was holding, and with one strong kick, he sent the bully to the ground.
Oh, it was none other than my Kingsley, I grinned to myself.
I wasn’t really sure, and I didn’t really know if Kingsley had planned for it to be a setup in which he would show up to save my ass and I would thank him for saving my life afterward.
Or perhaps he simply decided to come help me out because it was a genuine emergency.
Just as I had anticipated, a pair of obnoxious-looking boys suddenly materialized, and before I knew it, Kingsley was receiving the beating of his life. I had previously questioned whether it was a setup, but I now understood it was not a setup. Kingsley had been severely assaulted by the boys, and as a result, his head was shattered and he was losing blood swiftly. When the boys realized t unconscious, they ran away, leaving me and a few good Samaritans to take him to the hospital.
I told Tolu I was leaving after the doctor gave us assurances about his stable health, which greatly incensed her.
Tolu angrily questioned, “What do you mean you are leaving? What does that mean? Of course, I’m going home, I retorted. But she persisted. “I hope you know that this boy is lying here because of you, and yet you have no pity for him,” Tolu said. Look, Tolu, I can’t really discuss that right now because I’m so exhausted and all I know is that I’m leaving.
I quickly grabbed my handbag and left the ward, leaving Tolu behind in disbelief.

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