I was about to continue telling my story, when something caught my attention, 

I pointed to a bouquet of flowers and a greeting card at the other end of the room and asked Anita, “Who bought that?” Oh, I remember, Anita, you embarrassed that kid in class the other day. When asked, “Ehn, what about him?” Anita responded, “He brought them over for you in the afternoon, saying I should talk to you and asking you to be a little loose with him, then he dropped them and claimed he was rushing to a friend’s party.

Oh no, I thought to myself as I placed my hands on my head and my face on my laps. At precisely the moment I left my room for the party, Kingsley had already dumped the flowers before heading down to the party. Anita questioned me, “What’s up? Why the glum face?” when she noticed my sudden change in attitude. I told her about the events of the day, which truly shocked her. “Wait, you mean you left him there in the hospital after you shaved your ass off?” Barking was Anita Angrily. What would I have done, pet him from a distance? I confidently chimed in, “I’m sure he could ask any of his countless girls to watch him. “I never knew you were this stupid, o. Someone helped you and here you are, saying bullsh*t, I didn’t know I live with a Mumu roommate.” “I don’t want to know if it’s his plan or not, that guy really loves you to have tried helping you out, he’s in the hospital because of you!, you have to promise me you’ll go see him,” Anita pleaded. “Also, who knows whether it’s all in his plan to get me.” Anita ended, got out of bed, and walked silently to her bed.

I understood that to imply no talking until I entered the room in accordance with her vow.
I was by myself, so what Kingsley did was undoubtedly surprising, and I had no idea if it was a setup. But wait, what makes me think of him?, or am I starting to like him? No… My feelings were still present. I have no feelings at all.
My thoughts immediately turned to my s*xcapades with Dave, who I’ll always love. 
Dave had all the physical characteristics a girl would want in her ideal guy—he was tall, had pink lips, and was very handsome. He was a female fancy, and I had been so easily seduced by him. Like Romeo and Juliet, I believed that our love was becoming stronger every day.
He treated me with respect and love, showering me with gifts and cash. 
After a year had passed with still no sex, it appeared as though I had lost my prince charming. He would have asked for it, but I asserted that I was saving my v!rgin!ty for my wedding night. He began avoiding me, and our relationship began to deteriorate.
But on that Thursday evening, she made a last-ditch effort to keep him close. I gave him the sex he’d been craving.
Dave remarked seductively, “Let’s take a shower together, put on some nice music, and do it in style.” after our first round.
As he sponged my body very slowly and delicately in the shower, I started to feel a little turned on. Between my legs, all the way around my nice, firm bum, and around my butt.

I was still daydreaming when my phone rang, bringing me back to reality. Hello, Becky. As soon as I picked up, Tolu calmly said, “I just wanted to let you know that Kingsley has been discharged; the doctor merely did some stitching since his injured head wasn’t very serious. Okay, that’s good to know, but hold on, are you really still with him? “Yea, I couldn’t just leave him here, there’s no one to look after him, since you decided to leave,” she said. 
“Look, Tolu, I’m so sorry I left you there. I guess I wasn’t in the right frame of mind at the time. Thank you for sticking up for him. I’ll make it up to you.” I softly mumbled in plea. ” Alright, whatever ” she replied.
I was so worn out and exhausted that a good night’s sleep would definitely help. I was required to apologize to Kingsley and express my gratitude for what he had done for me in a diplomatic manner. I didn’t want to give him any erroneous ideas about me that might have caused him to fall in love with me. Tomorrow was undoubtedly going to be busy.
I closed my eyes and nature led me down with a delightful sleep.

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