EPISODE 5

I met my roommate Anita when I got to my hostel. I truly didn’t expect the day’s events to unfold in such a manner. I felt incredibly worn out, bewildered, and perplexed. Of course, I am aware that the boy is lying in the hospital as a result of my actions, but that wasn’t my objective. Anita was exactly the right person to talk to when I needed someone to talk to.When Anita noticed my demeanor, she replied, “Come on dear, am all ears, tell me all that burdens your heart.”I began telling the story of how my first boyfriend made me promise heaven and earth, then betrayed me, caused me to become pregnant, and denied ever knowing me.

“our first s*x”

I was in love with Dave when I was in high school. We dated for more than a year, but we never had s*x. I truly cared about him and would go to any lengths to keep him. He had requested s*x, and I was willing to give in.
Everything happened on that dreadful Thursday, “I narrated.
He carefully removed my clothes while trying to appear timid and absolutely ignorant. I had a coca cola shape form, smooth, milky white skin, and my p*ssy was only lightly buzzed. Dave’s breath was taken away.
I patiently waited for him to remove his clothing, and when he did, I was shocked by how thick his d*ck was. It was incredibly thick.
Dave pushed me onto the bed on top of him after giving me a long, passionate kiss. He had been waiting for this chance to suck my lovely, erect n*pples, and now it had come. I made some noises and moaned in response to his sucking since it felt so good.
He traced his finger end around the crowns of my t-s as he rubbed the bottom of my hard n—–s. I adored it, and when he slid off the bed and crouched down between my knees, I began to shake in eager anticipation of feeling his d*ck inside me.
When Dave’s tongue could flick my p—y’s lips, he softly tugged my long, smooth legs in his direction.
I was forced to take deep breaths as he worked up and down, sideways, and then up and down again on my moist groove because I could not bear the sensation any longer.
I was in an ecstatic mood, oh sh-t.
Dave slipped one finger up under his chin, inserted it in the silky area of my petals, and stroked it around while he worked his tongue around my p*ssy.
I hunched forward and began to grunt loudly. Dave stretched my petals more apart and increased the pace of his tongue until it felt like a hummingbird’s wing as my body started to tremble and he realized I was going to c-m.
I had a tremendous o—-m, and to say that would be an understatement.
I went absolutely crazy, and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I started to beg him to push that thick d–k inside me.
Dave sprang to his feet, dragged me toward him, and stuck his piankatus deep inside my p—y. After exhaling, I threw my arms back over the bed.
The sensation was unpleasant but delightful. I started to scream, “F–k me Dave – f–k me – please f– k me,” as he slowly began to thrust it in before almost pulling it out. I yelled like a pro while performing the act. All I wanted was more.
Dave then started to pound it in and out using all of his strength, including my moist p*ssy. It felt wonderful.
Anita said when I halted to see how she was responding, “hmmn, continue .”

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