Man with 15 wives and 107 kids says he’s too smart for one wife (video)


The man with 15 wives and 107 kids

The Kenyan guy claimed he is still counting his 107 children with all of his wives and that he has no plans to stop anytime soon because he is even willing to wed additional women.

All of Kaluhana’s spouses are mothers, with the oldest wife being 60 years old, according to His youngest wife is 23 years old, while his first wife is 49.

According to him, what matters is how effectively a man can care for the women he marries and the kids, not how many wives he has. He boasted that he does it so perfectly that none of his women lack anything, and as a result, there is no jealousy among them.

According to Kaluhana, there is no schedule, so he visits his wives’ houses as and when he pleases. This is how he organizes his time to be able to meet the requests of all fifteen of his wives.

“More are coming. This is not the end. I cannot tell when I will stop but as long as they are provided for, they will be okay,” he told the news website in an interview.

“The one with the least number of children, so far, has five children while the one with the most has 16 children. I am not done because more children are on the way currently,” Kaluhana added.

“I just show up, eat dinner and sometimes leave when I want. Sometimes I spend the night with one of the wives and other times I go to my little hut where I sleep alone. No one knows where I plan to go next. This keeps them on their toes and thus, there’s peace amongst them all.”

“Why would I be jealous? He provides for me; I have my home and a piece of land to cultivate. What more would I be complaining about?” she quizzed.

It’s intriguing and true that one of his wives, Jessica, testified that Kaluhana has supplied for all of them to the point where there is no need for them to feel envious of one another.

In the meantime, Kaluhana revealed that he lost two of his wives because they were unable to cope. He claimed that while they wanted him to visit them every night, it was impractical for him to do so given the number of spouses he currently has.

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