Man, 22, lands in hospital as silver grillz worn to decorate teeth gets stuck in his lungs


Man with gold teeth
A 22-year-old man put himself in risk in order to have gorgeous teeth when one of the grillz he was wearing came loose, made its way into his lungs, and became lodged there.

In a case report that was just published in the Cureus Medical Journal, this intriguing development was revealed.

The young man from Wisconsin reportedly had an epileptic episode, and as he recovered, he began to cough violently and wheeze heavily.

Unknown man sought medical attention, and after having X-rays taken of him, physicians discovered that he had a 4-cm-long object that resembled dentures caught in the right main stem bronchus, the lung’s airway.

A picture of the lungs

He claimed that before starting to consume crocodile blood two months ago, his health was poor and he was constantly weary. However, since then, he claims that his health has much improved.

According to him, the combo is a terrific booster for a number of bodily organs, including the blood and neurological system.

Nanon was introduced to the crocodile blood concoction by 53-year-old Wanchai Chaikerd, who runs the largest crocodile farm in the Ban Pho neighborhood and sells it for 200 to 300 baht ($6 to $9) per glass.

In his pitch to Nanon, he claimed that the mixture improves blood flow, fortifies red blood cells, raises platelet count and white blood cells, nourishes egg and sperm cells, and treats infertility.

Wanchai Chaikerd kills three- to four-year-old crocodiles on his farm to obtain the blood needed for the mixture. They are said to be strongest when they are young, and their blood is also strong at that age.

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