123-year-old virgin regrets rejecting men, says she wants a partner before she dies (video)


Do you wish to one day find a life partner? You are not alone in clinging to that hope, though. A 123-year-old virgin who has never entertained a man regrets not doing so now. Despite her age, she is now willing to accept any male who shows interest in her.

Theresie Nyirakajumba, a Rwandan woman, claims that when she was a little girl, it was improper for girls to hang out with guys, much less be in a love relationship.

It would seem that she was so obedient to the taboo that she never experienced romantic affections for a man. When she reached adulthood and was eligible for a male companion, she became so desensitized that she didn’t feel the need for one.

Instead, she declined every approach from a man who showed interest in her. Even pressure from her parents and other family members was ineffective in getting Nyirakajumba to change her mind.

“I didn’t want to engage with men. I had a strong fear of men and that prevented me from any potential relationship throughout my youth. I would see men coming to my hometown but I never developed a love for someone,” she recounted in an interview with Afrimax.”7

Nyirakajumba claims that after being a virgin for 123 years without a spouse or kid to call her own, she is now looking for a guy in the hopes of finding love before she leaves this world.

The extremely old woman has been looking for a man for a long time, but no one is interested in her due of her advanced age. She lives alone in a dangerously decayed home.

I have never had a husband in my entire life. My age is 123. Yes, I am still a virgin at my age. Perhaps I would have children if I had a husband, but I don’t,” she bemoaned.

The elderly woman believes that since you “never say die until the bones are rotten,” she will finally get the chance to live the life she has been missing before she passes away.
If a man appears, she says, “I’ll be open to the possibilities.”

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