Ai Ai Khaptin | One of UCC’s Finest Rappers Set to Release Debut EP | Young Dreamer on June 30th


The University of Cape Coast boasts a wealth of talent in fields such as comedy, poetry, youth activism, music, and more. These artistry sections have received significant attention from students, who have expressed their excitement at the potential of these talented individuals on social media.

Of these art forms, the music industry in UCC has seen significant growth in recent times. The industry features a diverse range of styles, including singers, vocalists, rappers, and dancehall artists.

One of the most promising rappers in the UCC music industry is Gideon Arthur, known within showbiz as Ai Ai Khaptin. He is set to release his debut EP on June 30th, 2023, much to the anticipation of his fans. The playlist includes tracks such as Decisions, Outlaw, Conji, More, Fire Burn, Rappergorgeous, and Higher.

The EP features collaborations with other artists such as Afroboyag, BNS, Gosh Mello, Maxzora, Yung Swag, Kaafudem, and Kofi Meek. Fans have expressed their eagerness to hear the new tracks, with one saying, “You are too good, my guy, we can’t wait, drop it soon.” Another fan said, “I know this soundtrack is going to be so amazing, I’m counting the days. Yes! I’m counting. The anticipation is killing me.”

Ai Ai Khaptin has performed on numerous campus platforms, including Fresh Affair, an SRC campus program held in 2022, as well as other programs outside the school. On February 9th, 2023, he was hosted by Kojo Sheldon on his Face Off show and was interviewed. He also performed alongside Nkay and Yung Swag in the theatrical play Father Bernard, which featured celebrities such as Clemento Suarez and Jeneral Ntatia.

The UCC music industry continues to grow, showcasing the immense talent and potential of upcoming artists like Ai Ai Khaptin.


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