Namibia puts up 40 crocodiles for sale to stop conflicts


To lessen confrontation between crocodiles and humans, the Namibian government is accepting applications from anyone who is interested in purchasing forty of the reptiles.

According to reports, there have been incidents of wildlife attacking people in the northeastern regions of Kavango and Zambezi; for the sake of peace and security, the government decided to eradicate the wild reptiles.

The country’s Ministry of Environment is expecting tender offers from those interested in purchasing the crocodiles by July 17, according to the BBC.

Ministry spokesman Romeo Muyunda provided more justification for the government’s choice, stating that the majority of the country’s wildlife lives outside of national parks, which has led to the regions’ continual, worrisome crocodile attacks on people.

Despite the fact that the tender notice is open to the public, not all interested bidders will be able to purchase the offered crocodiles. The main prerequisite for a buyer is to provide evidence that they have an appropriate habitat for the animals. Additionally, they will cover the expense of capturing the animals.

The officials stated that bidders who want to transport the crocodiles outside of Namibia must also possess a visa from the final destination.

A group of visitors had a traumatic encounter in January 2021 at a crocodile pond in Ave-Dakpa, Ghana’s Volta Region, when a woman was attacked by the reptile while they posed for pictures.

The terrified tourists were shown on a heart-stopping video fleeing erratically and yelling “Jesus” repeatedly.

At the time, there were rumors that the tour operator had not provided the crocodile with a chicken before the tourists tried to pose for pictures with it as is customary.

The lizard, however, was unfazed as individuals took turns photographing it until, regrettably, a woman stroked it from its side. The other tourists were forced to flee for their lives when it suddenly turned ferocious and attacked.


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