Policeman killed in bullion van robbery at Ablekuma

 In a neighborhood of Accra called Ablekuma Fanmilk, a bullion van attack claimed the life of a police officer.

Videos of the incident that are making the rounds on social media show some bystanders helping the policeman who was killed after being pulled from the back of a pick-up vehicle.

At the scene, the cop passed away from his injuries.

According to reports, the incident happened when the bullion van stopped at a gas station, maybe to get petrol. According to reports, this is when the attackers started attacking the car.

The van’s driver was able to go away unscathed.

To find the gang of robbers responsible for the attack on the bullion van and the subsequent murder of the police officer, the Ghana Police Service has initiated a manhunt.

According to a statement from the police, they are looking for a group of four criminals who attacked a bullion vehicle and who have now tragically died.

The statement read, “Our prayers and thoughts are with the family of our deceased colleague in particular and all Police Service personnel in general.”

Additionally, it gave the people reassurance that the robbers would be apprehended and charged fairly.

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