Pappy Kojo takes trolling to the ‘Highest’ level as he performs ‘Try Me’ at a show (VIDEO)

 Pappy Kojo has now unofficially claimed ownership of the song after taking Sarkodie’s “Try Me” response to Yvonne Nelson personally.

The Ghanaian rapper can be seen playing the d*ss track at the concert in a viral video. Pappy Kojo controversially posted the performance and claimed ownership of the song till Sarkodie returned to Ghana.

Due to the former connection that Yvonne Nelson revealed in the contentious book, Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson have become internet celebrities.

Sarkodie allegedly conceived her in 2010 and failed to take adequate responsibility for a condoned abortion, according to Yvonne. She claimed that after driving her to get an abortion, ‘he said no’ to retaining the child and never checked in on her.

Sarkodie, however, refuted some of Yvonne Nelson’s claims in his “Try Me” response. He claimed in the song that he wasn’t the only one who called for the abortion. He disclosed that Yvonne Nelson claimed she was in school at the time and couldn’t have kept the pregnancy.

Internet users have been interested in Pappy Kojo’s analysis of the saga because there are rumors that he too dated Yvonne Nelson. However, it looks that Pappy Kojo has taken the trolling route to ridicule the circumstance and the persons involved.

He was the first musician to develop a dance challenge for Sarkodie’s ‘Try Me’ diss track, which he recorded as a retort to Yvonne Nelson. 

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