Police rescue alleged witch after falling during midnight prayer session


According to reports, police in the Central Region saved a woman who is thought to be a witch and who fell while flying at a midnight prayer service in Gomoa Assin.

In an attempt to fly over the location where a group of Christians were praying, the woman is believed to have been caught by the holy spirit and crash-landed.

Osofomaame Mary, the leader of Deeper Church International, revealed this on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem, stating that it took place at 12:30.

She claims that while the prayer was going on, she unexpectedly seen a figure wearing a black dress and a scarf fall at the location and she called others’ attention to it.

“I drew the attention of the others and we intensified the prayers so she couldn’t move again. I moved forward and asked for a sachet of water which I poured on her after praying on it,” adomonline.com quotes Osofomaame Mary as saying.

The lady of God further stated that the accused witch presented herself as the queen mother of the New Winneba witches and claimed to be on a mission for which she had been paid GHS50.00.

Osofomaame Mary continued, “After that declaration, she was unable to speak until the Police entered and took her away.

It’s unknown how the police handled the situation or whether the supposed witch was ever released.

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