10% tax on betting and lottery winnings takes effect from August 15


The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has announced that the new 10% withholding tax on all betting, games, and lottery winnings would go into effect on August 15, 2023.

This comes after the government modified the Tax Act, adding withholding tax on sports betting and lottery earnings.

According to a UTV Ghana article, the GRA stated that they intend to ensure complete compliance with the newly modified Tax Act and generate approximately GHC 1.2 million from lottery activities.

It will be remembered that the Ghanaian government announced plans in April to levy taxes on all betting, games, and lottery winnings.

The new tax was extensively criticized on social media by young Ghanaians, many of whom were active in sports betting.

Starting from August 15, individuals engaging in sports betting and other lottery activities will be required to pay a 10% withholding tax#UTVNews pic.twitter.com/dWEpBc87AN

— UTV Ghana (@utvghana) August 8, 2023

The betting market in Ghana has grown dramatically over the previous decade, leading to the establishment of numerous betting companies in the country.

Sports betting has frequently split Ghanaians in recent years, with some stressing its effects on the youth. 

 Others feel betting is lawful and thus cannot be considered a harmful activity if no laws are breached.

Earlier this year, actor-turned-politician John Dumelo chastised the government for imposing a new tax on all sports betting winnings. 

 Dumelo stated that the government should be creating job chances for youth rather than taking them away.

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