After we finished talking, we packed up our barbecues, exited the restaurant, and finished our beverages.

After dropping Tolu off at her hostel OYE INN, Anita and I arrived home really exhausted. I didn’t talk to Anita at all, and she didn’t say a word to me either because I was still disappointed in what she (Anita) had said in the restaurant.

I thought about what had transpired today when I was lying in bed.

The mysterious power motivating Kingsley’s unwarranted acquiescence with Ada’s instructions was Her ravenous Threats, which Lucky regrettably confirmed.

I was still shaken and terrified by what Lucky had just said. Ada was not a person to make jokes about.

The ringtone on my phone interrupted my train of thought. I hesitated a little before picking up the phone and answering the call after seeing the unfamiliar number on the screen.

“Hello, Becky?” I recognized the voice as soon as it was heard on the other end. Kingsley owned it.

I excitedly yelled, “Kingsley!?!”

Yes, it was him, and he questioned, “How come you recognized my voice even without me telling you?”

That is not the issue at this time. Are you okay? I mumbled carefully.

“Yes, I’m OK, of course. I only want you to know what happened this morning.

I genuinely apologize for the insults and the embarrassment, but please don’t let what happened get in the way of our friendship. The warnings from Ada and others are simply empty threats. Kingsley begged quietly in a beautiful voice like an angel.

“Hi Kingsley, I was hoping we could converse in person rather than over the phone. I have something to say regarding your friendship with Ada. Most likely Tonight? I asked respectfully, but regrettably, I received a response that was completely inappropriate.

“Tonight?, I don’t think I can make it. Ada has locked me in this house and it looks like l won’t get out until tomorrow. Plus, if Ada sees both of us together, it might be fatal.” Kingsley answered shamelessly like a baby.

What do you mean you’ve been confined inside your home? Can’t you stand up to her for a change? I questioned Kingsley, but he merely stayed mute.

I said, “This has to stop; you can’t continue to be her slave, not even if you’re in love with her.”

Kingsley said shakily, “Love?, I don’t love her at all, nor do I have any feelings for her, but every time she comes around me, I don’t know what happens next, since I’ll just be seeing my self complying with all of her requests and instructions against my will.

I deliberately changed the subject by asking, “Have you eaten?”

“No, I haven’t eaten anything since morning,”. Kingsley responded to my utmost annoyance.

I said, “That’s really bad.” Do you mind if I bring something over for you to eat?

Kingsley said, “I’m not sure that’s a good idea, but if you feel like, then it’s okay.”

Before we hanged up, we had a brief conversation. After that, he gave me his address.

The vegetable soup I had prepared the day before was quickly assembled in a tiny cooler flask. Hastily prepared some pounded yam before leaving for his house with the food in a tastefully packaged plastic bag.

But as chance would have it, I unintentionally stumbled into Ada when visiting him!

I went to the street that was listed on Kaycee’s address ( I am now using Kaycee for Kingsley, pardon me ). I instantly looked up his house number and easily located it.

I smiled to myself as I approached his home, walked up to the door, and waited for a response. But I was upset when I saw that it was locked from the outside. Soon after, I heard him calling out to me through the back window from inside.

I said to myself, “What nonsense, this girl truly locked Kaycee up in his house.

When I approached the window at the back of his house, Kaycee grinned and said, “Hey, Becky, I didn’t know you were serious about bringing the food, but anyway, thanks so much.”

“I cannot believe the nonsense,” I exclaimed. I guess I’ll have to speak to him through the window then?

I remarked, “It’s nothing,” to Kaycee. I said, frowning, “I think it’s my fault that you’re locked up in here.”

“No, not at all; you had nothing to do with that. I’m the one to be blamed. When Ada is there, I prefer to comply with all she asks of me, but after she departs, I have no idea what will happen to me. I have no love for her; all I feel toward her is hatred. Kaycee murmured, “Broken,” sounding like he was about to disintegrate.

I questioned, “Do you have friends who can support you in speaking out against her?”

“No, absolutely not. All of my true pals have left my life as a result of Ada’s entrance. They all assert that Ada warned them, telling them not to interact with me in any way. They also assert that when they ignore her warnings, some unexplainable thing occurs to them. My buddies have all abandoned me, Kaycee stated. As I listened intently, I noticed that he was already shedding a few teardrops.

I answered softly, “It’s possible she must have charmed you!” Kaycee looked up at me right away with a fresh expression. I think what I said really hit him.

He was baffled and utterly unsure of how to respond to me.

I just heard someone call out, but it seemed more like a proverb.

Ada grinned as she drew nearer and said, “When you stop a child from touching a lit candle stick or fire for the first time, but still yet, after several warnings, the child refuses to take the warnings, you as the adult let the child go ahead, and after she foolishly touches the fire and gets burned, no one needs to her not to go back again.”

I was astounded, surprised, and confused.

I soon overheard Kaycee muttering things like, “I told you this was a bad idea,” and other such phrases.

He was currently acting very shakily and like a baby.

I was stranded. Her unjustified smile made me feel very uncomfortable.

You can’t possibly imagine how shocked and perplexed I felt when I first saw her. She exuded a sense of boldness and confidence while beaming with smiles, as if they had just caught a thief red-handed.

I sincerely questioned her, “And what is that supposed to mean?” but all she did was smile back at me and continue to recite annoying and terrifying proverbs.

Still grinning, she continued.

                            WAR OR PEACE ? 🤣🤣😁😁

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