How to use lubricants for better s3x, 3 things to keep in mind


A lubricant representative

Lubricants work to increase the pleasure factor during a s3xual encounter in addition to lessening friction and pain.

People use lubes or lubricants, which are essentially liquids or gels, during intercourse to lessen friction and heighten pleasure.

You may use it at any time during s3x, it comes in many flavors, and it doesn’t have to be the last resort when things start to get a bit dry. It may also cause sensations like a warming or cooling impact wherever it’s applied.

Lubricant reduces friction, which reduces the risk of injury during intercourse. More lubricant might make s3xual contact with a condom appear more natural.

Even though having s3x can be a lovely experience, if you frequently have vaginal dryness, it can not be all that exciting. It could make penetration unpleasant and difficult.

It frequently takes time for natural v@ginal lubrication to develop, and even then, it could not be enough. Lube can save you in this circumstance. Your s3xual life can truly change with the right s3x lubricant. In actuality, the goal is to not only lessen discomfort and friction during s3x but also to boost enjoyment.

Here’s how to use lube:

  1. Lubricants should not be administered to the g3nitals directly. So squeeze a tiny quantity into your hand.
  2. Warm it by pressing your fingers together
  3. Caress your partner or yourself with your greased fingertips. Avoid putting it inside. It is only for external use.

Things to keep in mind while using lube during s3x

  • How much lube to use during s3x

You can use as much lubrication as you like on your or your partner’s v@gina, p3nis, or anus. Communicating your preferences with your partner might help you decide where and how much lubrication to use. Also, apply the lube only where needed, not internally.

  • Use non-oil-based lubricants with c0ndom

If you’re using c0ndoms or a s3x toy, use non-oil-based lubrication on the latex c0ndom, dental dam, diaphragm, or s3x toy (and avoid silicone-based lube with silicone toys).

  • Check if you’re allergic to ingredients in the lube

Some people are allergic to or sensitive to lubricant substances such as glycerin or parabens. If you experience itching, burning, or irritation after using lubricant, stop using it and try another product.

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