Kantanka cars are strong enough to travel to London; John Dumelo can testify – CEO brags


The CEO of Kantanka Automobiles, Safo Kantanka Junior, has stated that the Kantanka automobiles are sturdy and capable of traveling from Accra to London.

During an interview with TV3, the head of Kantanka Automobiles highlighted that the Ghanaian automaker’s vehicles are built to excel in a variety of terrains.

Kantanka Junior was responding to complaints that his automobiles were not included in the Accra-London road trip because Kantanka did not have cars of sufficient caliber for such a journey.

Safo Kantanka Junior expounded on his tactics, stating that he had sent select Kantanka automobiles to both the Ghanaian presidency and the Asantehene for thorough testing.

It further noted that the renowned individuals who tested the automobiles found no flaws and issued excellent endorsements for the vehicles’ sturdiness and comfort.

“The vehicles are long-lasting. Kantanka vehicles are used in the presidency and by high-profile figures such as the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osie TuTu II. I even loaned one of my pickup trucks to John Dumelo for a month and received no complaints about the vehicle.” Kantanka Junior explained.

Previously, in a viral comment about the historic Accra-London road trip, the 10,000KM by-road travelers asked the Ghanaian vehicle manufacturing company to collaborate with its team, but their efforts were futile.

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